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Taormina Racing

Taormina Racing Air Cooled 3.6L Engine Case

Taormina Racing Air Cooled 3.6L Engine Case

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This engine case is what you've been waiting for - a BRAND NEW recreation of a 964 case, but with many, many improvements.

First of all, this case is made from A356T6 aircraft grade aluminum, right here in America. The material is US or Canada sourced virgin ingot of the highest quality, cast in Los Angeles County at our foundry, then machined in Orange County, California at our machine shop on HAAS American made machines.

Our case has so many improvements it's difficult to know where to start. For starters, our case has the following updates:

  • Case through bolts moved 1.1mm off center to create more material depth when boring spigot out for 4.0L conversion
  • We don't use driven in plugs of any kind. All of our oil galleries are accessible with Fragola aluminum threaded plugs with a hex head which can be removed for service and maintenance.
  • We don't use driven in piston squirters. We use our proprietary threaded integrated piston squirters which are threaded into the case mains.
  • Our case comes with all new fasteners (but not case through bolts, you have to source those yourself).
  • Our case is beefed up and strengthened in many, many areas over the stock case for long life and high horsepower builds.

The base configuration of our case is a 107mm cylinder spigot case to make a 3.6L engine. From there, you can add our options as necessary.

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