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Taormina Racing

Rebuildable Piston Squirter

Rebuildable Piston Squirter

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Our rebuildable piston squirter has been used in over 500 installations including race cars. It is a direct replacement to the inferior, driven in factory standard piston squirter that you can get from the dealer.

The reason our squirter is superior is because of the following:

  • The barrel is driven in to the case main web and is secured with Loc-Tite for a permanent installation.
  • The cap is threaded so you can inspect the inside of the squirter, and remove the ball and spring to fully clean out each squirter.
  • The cap comes in a variety of orifice sizes to suit any application.

Sizing guide:

911 engines up to 3.0L: 2.0mm orifice

911 engines 3.2L and up: 2.5mm orifice



In theory, Porsche piston squirters are supposed to come in 6.0mm and 6.6mm barrel diameters. The stock size is 6.0mm, and the "oversize" is 6.6mm. However, we have had many customers call in and tell us that their squirters are 6.3mm in diameter. From early 1980 to about the mid eighties, Porsche was making a 6.3mm size and there is no longer a direct replacement.

We suggest removing your old piston squirters first to determine what size they are!

If they are 6.0mm in diameter, then ours are a direct drop in. If they are 6.3mm in diameter, then you must drill them out to accept the 6.6mm size.


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